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egl_fail_tales's Journal

Elegant Gothic Lolita Failure Tales
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egl failure tales

Do you have a lovely story of lulz, and bitchyness that you want to get off your chest? Have you encountered an ita, and need a support group to help you through the pain of the experience? Just fed-up with 16-year-old otaku fantards just not getting the point of lolita?
Come and share it with us!

We have the wonderful getoffegl, but that's mainly a community for bitching about people who are members of egl. And we all know that there are faaaaaaar more itas that aren't members of egl, and they need a place to be bitched about too, right?
We're very loving people here.

You must be approved before you can become a member of this community, and start posting.
Discussions here don't have to be backed up by photos or links, but it is encouraged. Although stories are appreciated, this is also a community for just random tidbits of fail that don't have a place in the other communities.

- Please keep the lulz in this community, we do not support raiding or flaming people's person journals or websites.
- All entries must be friends-only locked, so they're only available to other community members.
- Trolls may be funny, but they will be instantly banned here.
- All posts should be lolita related, this is not the place to discuss narutards or other such things.

Start posting, and have fun guys!
egl failure tales