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The lolitas of IMVU have it tough enough as it is, what with the endless tide of horrible ita clothes there, but we are also blessed with our very own troll. At least, if she isn't a troll she's the most delusional person I've ever had the misfortune of encountering.
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I'll just say this is self-explanatory, speaking that chick is trying so terribly hard to "correct" people on how to say Gosu Rori. As in the pattern book. Because saying the title's proper name, "Gosu Rori", the exact same in English automatically sounds poserish, "and people who still call it by it's romaji when they are not actively speaking Japanese just looks like a Japanophile or a fake."

Yes. Yes I am a fake, girl with purple tee doing the robot. With my burandou in my closet. Good luck buying "Goth Loli" on Amazon.
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I ask for some criticism for the doll clothes I made and I am told


And they proceed to tell me that lolita...
Can not be plaid.
Can not have gathered waists.
Must be very ornate.

And then they told me to go look at some lolita brands.

I got very little criticism that would actually help out of it all, and what I did get probably was not worth those idiots making me angry.

I provided them with examples of gathered waists and plaid FROM A LOLITA BRAND OMG
I am now awaiting their responses.

I would include a link but if you're not a member of their forums you can't see it anyways and I'm assuming most of you aren't a part of them.

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Update: Now I have been accused of not taking criticism when I asked for it, even though I took the other people's criticism and thanked them for it. I don't see that making much sense.

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nefarious-sanctum seems to be catching on with us, you guys. We are all only lolita because we like Japan and we are all self-absorbed, self-righteous elitists! P.S.- It doesn't matter that lolita is the modern-day way of wearing oldentime clothing, it's still only ~*JAPANESE*~.


I bet he's one of those people who believe that lolita is only for tiny japanese girls.
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Im not sure if im failing, or her.
In 7-11, i spotted a young girl... or so i thought. I believed her to be about 11-12.... getting ready to go to family on christmas eve. she was wearing a black cardigan (beaded and sequined) and a tartan dress (from the child's section...) and knee high stockings ala leg avenue (the ones with the bows?) and granny shoes.

the turning point was when a boy... about 18 or so.... came up, grabbed her ass, and stuck his tongue down her throat. of course, i changed my idea of her age. (though at this point my mom makes a comment about how I look when I dress up. I try to be a more mature style of lolita.)

i don't care whether she was attempting it or not. cause this fully explains why i get solicited for sex while i wear lolita.
I hate West Virginia.

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At Yumemiru Musical Paradise, I saw 3 girls who did not go to the event, but did line up for the boutique on Sunday. I encountered them on the first time when I was having lunch. One of them was wearing a cotton, 2 tiered dress with bows on her head and tan slip on sandals, while the other one was wearing a skimpy, poorly put together version of that black and red wa-loli dress by bodyline. As this last darling was seated, I could see her skirt was not long enough to tuck under her butt, which made me shudder...

So I head back to the boutique, and she's at the end of the line of the boutique wearing her hideous dress plus one of those industrial mouth pieces -_- ... she was leaning against the glass rail on the second floor, so from the first floor I could see her... lack of oh so needed bloomers...

My mom-in-law told me to take a picture and show it to her...  but I thought the girl would get freaked out if she saw that I took a picture of her ass, so I just went up the stairs and said to her "I am only telling you this because I would want someone to tell me, but you're flashing your panties to everyone on the first floor"

She sort of tucked her skirt under and turned away from the rail, but she didn't thank me for letting her know...

The happy ending would be that she got a skirt at the boutique that is actually wearable (yeah right)
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It's more likely than I think evidently!

So it's Halloween and there's a few people here and there wandering around in costumes. I decided to wear lolita since I'm uncomfortable wearing my kigurumi around to class and stuff.

I'm in the cafeteria for lunch and I spot a headdress. Then I look down and see what's wearing the headdress.

She had on some kind of white sundress with black embroidery on the skirt or something, no blouse (with beautiful bluish gray bra straps peeking out), some knee high socks with lace on them I guess (didn't f21 or AE put out some of those? idk), and some kind of beat up black flats with bows on them. On top of her head sat the most lovely maxipad headdress in black with white lace.

I raged, then loled, then got broccolis where she came up to me and complimented my outfit. I nodded and said "thanks" and then went back to my seat. I mentioned to my friend how there was a girl trying to do lolita and failing. He has VERY little knowledge of the fashion but when he saw her he went "...Wow she DOES fail."

Now I'm wondering if she's too ita for egl or if there will be a post later on "HEY I SPOTTED A LOLITA IN MY CAFETERIA GUISE"
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some of these are just "Uhhhhhhhhhh..."
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