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Today at Saturday School

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So today, Saturday May 29th, was the last day for my saturday school (which teaches these languages : Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hungarian, Arabic and Armenian) and was also the second day of Anime North.  The first ita I saw was before I even arrived at school.  I was travelling towards my stop when a familiar girl got on the bus wearing a black mini dress covered in lace along with a bow with matching lace and knee high converse.  I didn't say anything and thought she was getting off at my stop [to go to the school] but instead she just kept going :S  Anyways; I arrive at the steps of Sat. School and I am greeted by a bunch of Otaku's and Cosplayers along with a girl who was wearing a failed attempt at what appeared to be sailor lolita and a girl covered head-to-toe in raschel lace and striped stockings.  Continuing on inside I am then confronted with three girls; all wearing [unfortunately] badly coordinated bodyline outfits.  So we were heading towards each other, and I called out "Bodyline!!"  And they glared me down and started talking amongst themselves.  I wish I got pictures of them but I didn't bring my camera today >__<
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On July 14th, 2010 03:24 am (UTC), the_mad_milash commented:
I know Anime North was Filled to the Brim with failed Ita's attempts, it was horrid. & everyone of them looked at the Local Comm of girls with disgusted. Like we were the Ita's, or there was something wrong with us lol can you say snowflake complex much?.
You can just go the the above task bar & edit it under a cut^^
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