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Today at Saturday School

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So today, Saturday May 29th, was the last day for my saturday school (which teaches these languages : Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hungarian, Arabic and Armenian) and was also the second day of Anime North.  The first ita I saw was before I even arrived at school.  I was travelling towards my stop when a familiar girl got on the bus wearing a black mini dress covered in lace along with a bow with matching lace and knee high converse.  I didn't say anything and thought she was getting off at my stop [to go to the school] but instead she just kept going :S  Anyways; I arrive at the steps of Sat. School and I am greeted by a bunch of Otaku's and Cosplayers along with a girl who was wearing a failed attempt at what appeared to be sailor lolita and a girl covered head-to-toe in raschel lace and striped stockings.  Continuing on inside I am then confronted with three girls; all wearing [unfortunately] badly coordinated bodyline outfits.  So we were heading towards each other, and I called out "Bodyline!!"  And they glared me down and started talking amongst themselves.  I wish I got pictures of them but I didn't bring my camera today >__<
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On May 29th, 2010 05:17 pm (UTC), ai_who commented:
Ah oh!! D: I forgot to put this under a LJ_Cut >__< sorry!!
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