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Product name: Ninja Combat Cosplay cape
Color: dark red
Material: uniform cloth
Sizes: S M L XL XXL
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So today, Saturday May 29th, was the last day for my saturday school (which teaches these languages : Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hungarian, Arabic and Armenian) and was also the second day of Anime North.  The first ita I saw was before I even arrived at school.  I was travelling towards my stop when a familiar girl got on the bus wearing a black mini dress covered in lace along with a bow with matching lace and knee high converse.  I didn't say anything and thought she was getting off at my stop [to go to the school] but instead she just kept going :S  Anyways; I arrive at the steps of Sat. School and I am greeted by a bunch of Otaku's and Cosplayers along with a girl who was wearing a failed attempt at what appeared to be sailor lolita and a girl covered head-to-toe in raschel lace and striped stockings.  Continuing on inside I am then confronted with three girls; all wearing [unfortunately] badly coordinated bodyline outfits.  So we were heading towards each other, and I called out "Bodyline!!"  And they glared me down and started talking amongst themselves.  I wish I got pictures of them but I didn't bring my camera today >__<
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So my boyfriend and I went to (read: I dragged my boyfriend to) our local Sanrio store today for a Hello Kitty 35th birthday celebration. I wore the following AP cutsew:
http://pupe.ameba.jp/item/phTqxS3faequ/a1kd4JRqptRX/ and skirt: http://pupe.ameba.jp/item/rjYeAZb4fTFS/a1kd4JRqptRX/ along with a pink headbow, white knee socks, and white Mary-Jane platforms. As I walked into the store, I heard this exchange among a group of "emo" kids walking past:

Emo kid #1: Oh, a lolita outfit!
Pretentious emo kid: That's not a REAL lolita outfit.
Emo kid #1: It's not?
Pretentious emo kid: No. A lolita outfit is only one piece. Like a dress. That's a shirt and a skirt. It's probably from Bodyline.
Emo kid #2: What's Bodyline?
Pretentious emo kid: It's a brand from Japan that makes fake lolita clothes.
Emo kid #2: Oh, okay.

Then they left. Even my boyfriend was laughing.
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I think it's awesome that someones hosting a convention less than 30 minutes from my house (especially at a indoor water park!!)... but I think some of the con-goers may be a bit clueless.


(First post, under 'Other')

....And she was mentioned once again in the same post from what I've seen and another time in another thread.  I want to say something sooo bad but I don't even know where to start. >_<  I highly doubt she'd even come to some small little convention but still.

This is the only comm I could think to post this. ^^;

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Yes it's Alice again. Big surprise.
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Ohaiyo. My name is Lolita Rose Ivory Romantique Ash Shepard. I am 16. I am angel who fell from Heaven when I was 13 and have been living with a really mean human family. I have long, light blonde hair that falls in perfect curls with natural light pink streaks in it. My mean human family makes me cut it really short, but I grow it all back right after I cut it. I also have sky blue eyes that show all the gloom and melaicholly from my life and I have skin that’s so pale people tell me I look like a doll. I’m Japanese, but I have realy big eyes and look like I’m white. I’m really tall and skinnt.

I’m a gothiuc lolita wich meens that I dress like a victorian doll. I make all my clothes. For instance today I was wearing a short pink skirt with lots of layers of white lace I bought at Walmart. I was also wearing a white tanktop with black stripes, and black combat boots with pink lace ribbons as laces. My hair was in high pigtails and I was wearing a huge black bow right in the middle of my head.

This is so spectacularly disastrous that it has to be fake. It's pretty old, so this might be old news.
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It's been a while since the lolitas of IMVU have had the pleasure of enjoying Alice's company. Come share our joy!Collapse )
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Okay, so a few days ago, at the anime club at my school, it was cosplay/manga-potluck day :) All in all, it was pretty good, but if it went perfectly I wouldn't be here now would I? :PLong Fail Story but good ending :)Collapse )

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Kumoricon is my local anime convention, and the only one I've been to. I recently started chatting on the forums, since almost everyone is nice and pretty smart.

A "Lolita/Formal cosplay/Alice in Wonderland" meetup is going to take place soon, and I am considering going. When signing up to attend, you have to include what you're wearing. Reading through the replies in the thread, I then see this:

"Dress: original lolita design or lolita Roxas"


Apparently one of my irl lolita friends at school knows this person, and says she will smack her around.

I kind of feel like I need to go to this meetup now to hide the fail.

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So me and my previous Ita friend went to the mall and of course to the pet store ^o^.  So she went off to see the cats and I stood at the entrance looking at the puppies in the window.  And then I saw her.  Pet Store LolitaCollapse )
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